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Welcome to our online store. Christina Trikopoulou Jewelry which operates the online shop www.christinatrikopoulou.com is the trading name of Christina Trikopoulou, a company registered in Greece. The company's address is 42, Xenokratous St., 10676, Athens, Greece. Our Vat number is 039013219 (4st Tax Office of Athens) and G.E.M.I. number 84818402000.

The access to and use of this website and the online store christinatrikopoulou.com, as well as the offered services and products, are subject to the following terms of use. We invite you to read this text carefully as it is a contract between the company and any user according to Law 2251/94 and implies the acceptance of all terms and conditions. Greek is the language of the contract. In case of disagreement please stop using the website.



Access to the content of the Website is provided exclusively during its operation, but the Company reserves the right to terminate the operation of the online store at any time without prior notice. The content of the Website may change at any time and the terms of use may be unilaterally modified by the Company, with modifications, additions and removal of terms of use to be put into effect immediately after being posted on this page. The Company commits to making every effort to ensure that the content of the Website includes true, clear, secure, valid and non-misleading information. Nevertheless, the Company cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information presented or the absence of errors and omissions. In any case, the Company waives any form of liability, commitment or guarantee for compensation related to the content of the Website. The Website makes use of all modern and required by law technological means of electronic security.



The Company reserves the exclusive right to all copyright on trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts and in general all content presented on the Website, except for explicitly stated exceptions which are the intellectual property of third parties, partners, suppliers and other bodies. Intellectual property is protected by Greek law and the relevant provisions of international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, resale and any interception / exploitation of the content of the Website or part thereof is prohibited.



Regarding the content and operation of the Website, the Company and its associates waive any responsibility for: - Any ambiguities, errors or misinterpretations contained in the information of the Website. - Any criminal, indirect or consequential damages, loss of production, revenue or profit, inability to conclude a commercial agreement, loss of contract or clientele, damage to reputation or right to compensation from third parties. - Any direct, indirect, consequential or criminal damages, losses or charges that may arise in connection with the use or inability around the use of the Website, as well as any delay that may occur during its use.



Within the framework of the accepted code of conduct by internet users and the current legislation concerning electronic communications, users are obliged to avoid the adoption of unfair practices such as: - False statement regarding the identity and personal data of the user - Posting / sending content that is abusive, offensive, threatening, defamatory, racist or in any way harmful to the reputation and personality or harmful to the personal property of others. - Posting / sending content that violates the personal data of third parties. - The installation / promotion of unauthorized advertising or other method of promoting products and services, including content that infringes the intellectual and industrial property rights of any entity. - Installing / sending malicious software, including digital viruses or other type of electronic code aimed at the destruction or restriction of the operation of computers, software and other data processing equipment. - The interference / disruption -in any manner- of the Company's services and the connected servers and networks of the Website. In case of non-compliance with the codes of conduct and applicable law, the Company reserves the right to delete a user’s account and take any action necessary to restrict their access to the Website, without notice.



The Company considers its ultimate obligation to present its products in the most complete, accurate and responsible manner possible, using detailed descriptions as well as visual material. We make every effort to renew the availability of our products according to the stock of the Company's warehouse. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to refuse the execution of an order in case of non-availability or cancellation of products. In this case the user is notified immediately and if they have made a payment they are released from any charge or alternative purchase obligation. The price of each product is listed on the product’s presentation page. The prices presented are in euro and include VAT., while shipping costs or any customs or excise duties are not included. The Company reserves the right to adjust the prices of products without prior notice. The Company cannot rule out the possibility of typographical errors of products’ prices and descriptions.



Any order can be canceled by the customer before its dispatch. To cancel an order, contact us at christinatrikopoulou@gmail.com or by phone +30 210 3214430 with the code of your order. The buyer reserves the right to return products that are defective or products without providing a justification within 14 calendar days of receipt of order.

In case of a product’s return the procedure includes: 1. Notify the Company by email at christinatrikopoulou@gmail.com or by phone at +30 210 3214430 within the above deadline. 2. The special "Return Form" will be sent to you by email, which you will fill in. 3. You will then send the above and completed document via email to christinatrikopoulou@gmail.com and include it in the package with the returned product along with the purchase receipt at 42 Xenokratous, 106 76 Athens.

A necessary requirement for a product’s return is that it is in its original condition, intact, unused and inside its packaging. In case of return, you will be charged only with the cost of returning the products to the headquarters. In any case, any damage to the product upon its return is the responsibility of the user.

After the Company receives and inspects the returned product(s), you have the right to request a replacement with the same (if it is a defective product) or a different product or a refund of the monetary value of the returned items. In case of replacement with a lower value product the monetary difference is credited to the user's account for future purchases. In case of a refund request, the Company commits to returning the amount in full within 14 calendar days.

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